In recent weeks I have watched the continuing saga of newspaper articles outlining land deals involving the Prince Georges's County executive branch. County Executive Parris Glendening has attributed actions that range from land swaps to property sold for millions of dollars less than the value appraised as his subordinates' resposibility {"Glendening Vows To Review County Land Transactions," Metro, July 10}.

Where are the heroes in Prince George's County? How long do we wait for an explanation beyond the rank and file 'bad judgment' response?

The Justice Department has this quote guarding its entrance: ''The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance.'' The citizens of Prince George's County have perhaps forgotten the strength of this symbolism in their apathy. As an individual, a taxpayer and a mother who must explain the appearance of a lack of integrity surfacing in our county government to an inquisitive 13-year-old, I have requested scrutiny by the Maryland state attorney general's office of all Prince Georges County government land transactions from purchases to lease arrangements to answer the question: Is this an honest county prone to mistakes, or are there influences guiding the course of our lives over which normal citizens have no control?

To date, the state government has made no response.

Perhaps if more people asked for an accounting, responses would be forthcoming, and we could again find heroes in Prince George's County.