An article regarding a tax limitation referendum in Montgomery County {Metro, Aug. 1} stated that I accused my Montgomery County Council colleagues, Bruce Adams, Ike Leggett, Neal Potter and Bill Hanna, of acting from political motivations. Let me be very clear, I was not in any way directing my remarks at them. In fact, I stated "That with the compromise my colleagues had what they felt to be the best interests of the county at heart.'' I have not, nor would not, question their motivations.

Rather, I was responding to a statement from a spokesman for the citizen's group Fairness in Taxation that there was an army marching and that either the army or I was out of step. Additionally, the spokesman stated that the council acted to reduce property taxes only as a result of election-year pressures. I do not believe that that is a legitimate appeal to which I, as an elected official, would or should respond.

The tenure of the debate was best characterized by council President Hanns who opened the debate by admonishing the council not to make charges regarding personal motivations and closed the debate by commending the council for heeding his remarks. MICHAEL L. SUBIN Rockville