RICHMOND -- State officials on Monday released their latest list of the "10 most wanted" child support evaders, which includes a Loudoun County case.

Officials also promised that their efforts to find delinquent parents will be stepped up despite the prospects of sharp cuts in the state budget.

Thirteen of the 17 men on the most wanted lists released last August and November have been found, said Harry W. Wiggins, director of the Division of Child Support in the state Department of Social Services.

"We feel we've had significant success," Wiggins said. "Most of the parents are paying current support and something on their arrears."

The division uses recommendations from employees and women seeking child support to develop the list from its 65,000 cases in which missing parents owe back child support.

Wiggins said he hopes to release a new list four times a year. Most wanted posters that carry information and a photograph of the missing parent will be sent to social service departments around the country, he said.

In more than half of the cases in Hampton Roads alone, the parent who owes child support has moved out of state, Wiggins said. Some of the fathers have changed their identity, making them even harder to find, he said.

Wiggins said he expects no cutbacks in child support services despite Gov. L. Douglas Wilder's plans for massive budget cuts to make up a $1.4 billion shortfall over the next two years.

"If anything, direct services will be enhanced," Wiggins said.

He said the division plans to work with credit agencies to keep delinquent parents from getting credit approval and improve cooperation with other states.

Four years ago, Virginia ranked in the bottom half of states in collecting child support but Wiggins said its ranking has improved to 16th in the nation this year. The state collected $121.2 million in child support in fiscal 1990 compared with $19.3 million in fiscal 1986.

The fathers on the latest most wanted list are:

Anthony Eugene Ray, a geologist who owes $70,993 in support to his ex-wife and two children in a Norfolk case.

Robert Montcastle Flannery, a hair stylist who owes $61,450 in support to his ex-wife and three children in a Virginia Beach case.

Delmar Gene Baldwin, a construction and farm worker who owes $37,888 to his three children in a Wise County case.

John Herbert Lewis, a sawmill worker who owes $33,180 to his two children in a Spotsylvania County case.

Paul Douglas Tiller, an auto parts salesman who owes $32,200 to his three children in a Loudoun County case.

Jeffrey Tarr Whitehurst, a research technician who owes $29,370 to his child in a Montgomery County case.

Andrew Melvin Barnard, an electrician who owes $26,093 to his two children in a Nottoway County case.

Richard Paul Hilliard, an accountant who owes $22,500 to his six children in a Fairfax County case.

Robert Wayne Hack Sr., a carpenter and pipefitter who owes $21,617 to his two children in Henrico County.

Robert Lloyd Webb, a construction worker who owes $13,405 to his three children in a Roanoke case.