I am writing in regard to the letter by Edwin Feldman {"Wasting Tax Money on Leisure Seekers," Maryland Weekly, July 26}.

I have traveled frequently between the Washington area and Annapolis over the past 12 years. The growth in traffic is due to more people on the roads everywhere and the explosion in housing in the Annapolis area and on the Eastern Shore. That is what drives the need to improve Route 50 and the huge interchange project at its crossing of Interstate 495.

Contrary to the false perception of Mr. Feldman, the public need is being recognized and actively addressed by the so-called "entrenched bureaucracy," as the writer refers to public officials. It is apparent that Mr. Feldman is rather uninformed as to what is actually happening in Maryland -- and the nation -- when he states that "there is no money available to rebuild our country's bridges." That simply is incorrect.

The time has come that I can no longer hold back my disgust with those who delight in "bashing" our highway programs. It is time for them to recognize that the driving force is population growth and not some sinister plot to pave over the land for the simple joy of it. RALPH B. SHEAFFER Rockville