Candidate Summoned To Duty at the Pentagon

Michael L. Subin, a candidate for reelection to the Montgomery County Council, has been summoned into another realm of duty.

A commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Subin has been called to report to the Pentagon for active service, a result of the Middle East crisis.

"Well, it's a higher priority," said Subin, 41, a first-term council member who is running for one of the newly created at-large seats.

" . . . I'm excited about being able to contribute, but nobody likes to see any of this going down."

Subin, who served actively for three years and has been in the reserves for the past 17, said he "can't give any idea" of what he will be doing at the Pentagon. He said he will report each night at 10 and work until about 8 a.m. for an indefinite period, a schedule that could put a serious crimp in his campaign activities.

"All the mechanics {of the campaign} are pretty well mapped out and some people can pick up the ball for me and run," he said. "Where possible, my wife, Sandi, will step in for me. You really can't factor the campaign in -- this is something I've got to do."

And what about sleep? "Hopefully," he said, "I'll be able to do some of that during the day."

Political Family Grows

She's not old enough for a cabinet post, but Victoria Ashley Lipson, age 10 days, is already making an impact on Maryland politics.

Victoria is the granddaughter of William and Lois Shepard, the husband and wife team campaigning for the Republican nomination as governor and lieutenant governor. When she was born Aug. 6, the Shepards, true to their all-in-the-family approach to politics, quit the campaign trail temporarily for a family gathering in Philadelphia. A birth notice was faxed to Maryland media.

Lois Shepard has already pledged to install a playpen in the State House if she and her husband are elected, but it is unclear what other role Victoria might play in a Shepard-Shepard administration.