I learned a couple of things from Margaret Camp's article on energy-saving tips {Maryland Weekly, Aug. 2} that were not necessarily evident to all readers. Let me expand on them.

The new Home Energy Services Center is set up to provide one-stop shopping for information on saving energy, and the funds come from Montgomery Country, the state and the utilities. While $170,000 was budgeted for the first year, only 300 families were served. This amounts to $566 per family, an extremely high price for the taxpayers to pay to make energy-saving tips more conveniently available.

The fact that the electric and gas companies kicked in some money, simply means that homeowners also paid for that portion of the cost through their utilities bills.

The article did not mention that everyone who gets electricity from Pepco gets monthly or periodic brochures on energy-saving surveys, which cost little or nothing to have done. I have never heard of one the Pepco-referred surveys costing $566 per household.

It seems to me that government might do a better job by collecting all of the information the article described and putting it in a booklet that could serve more than 300 families for a lot longer than one year. The government could also provide a telephone service instead of the expensive operation now in place.

I hope the second year of this program will be much more productive and a great deal less expensive per household; otherwise, the conservation that must take place should be with the county and state tax dollars and the utility rates. WILLIAM J. SKINNER Potomac