Anglican Bishop Alexander Muge of Eldoret, Kenya, was killed in an automobile accident in the country's Busia district last Tuesday, two days after he was warned by a cabinet minister that he might be killed if he entered the area.

Muge, 44, was one of several members of the church's hierarchy who has been in conflict with the one-party government of President Daniel arap Moi. He had accused unidentified government officials of being behind the unsolved murder last February of former foreign minister Robert Ouko.

In an attack on the church at a public rally in Busia the weekend before Muge's death, Labor Minister Peter Okondo warned Muge and another bishop not to enter the area. He said if they tried to enter Busia, "they will see fire and may not leave alive."

Reports from Anglican officials in Kenya said Muge was traveling with three staff members in a convoy of cars back to his diocesan headquarters in Eldoret when the car he was driving collided head-on with a truck. The bishop is said to have died instantly, his passengers were hospitalized with serious injuries and the driver of the truck, who was not injured, was taken into custody.