The College Park City Council will meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 4500 Knox Rd. For more information, call 864-8666.


The Greenbelt City Council at its Aug. 13 meeting approved a $2.8 million contract with Kettler Brothers Inc. to build the city's first indoor swimming pool. The planned Greenbelt Natatorium will be in the city recreation center at 99 Center Way. Construction is expected to begin this fall and the pool will open next year. There is an outdoor pool at the recreation center.

Council members also voted to install air-conditioning units in the police department's communications and photography dark rooms and the jail. The air-conditioning units will cost the city $12,206. The police building, at 550 Crescent Rd., was built with a central air-conditioning system that cannot be hooked to a generator in case of an electrical failure.

Council members said computer and radio equipment in the windowless communications room requires uninterrupted cooling. The darkroom also must have constant cooling for proper photo processing.


The Laurel City Council at its Aug. 13 meeting approved a mandatory trash recycling program for residents in single-family homes and town houses, effective Sept. 10. The city awarded a $360,000, two-year contract to Browning Ferris Inc. to operate the recycling program. BFI will provide households with 18-gallon bins in which to discard newspapers, cardboard, glass bottles and jars and metal cans. The company will pick up the bins on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays in a different area each day. Residents will be informed by mail of their pickup day.

The city expects to include apartment dwellers in the recycling program at a later date. Fines of up to $100 will be issued to residents who do not comply with the law.


Riverdale town officials are asking residents who have not received their July quota of paper trash bags to pick them up at Town Hall, 5008 Queensbury Rd. The town for several years has offered the bags to its 1,150 households to use instead of non-biodegradable bags such as plastic. Town residents are entitled to 50 bags in July and 50 more in January. The trash bag program costs the town $38,000 annually and is funded by town property taxes.


About 60 Seat Pleasant residents attended the Town Council's Aug. 13 meeting to complain about a large number of young adults who often congregate in Holly Park, at the end of Birchleaf Avenue. Residents said they fear that gambling and drug trafficking are occurring in the park. Some residents also said they have been the victims of pranks such as firecrackers exploding in their mailboxes.

The residents asked that Prince George's County police patrol the park more often and also requested that the council establish a town police force.

Mayor Frank Blackwell said he established a two-man town police force in February 1990 but that council members, reportedly unhappy with one of the officers hired, immediately froze funding for the police force. Since then, Blackwell said, one officer has left the force while the other is working full-time elsewhere until the issue is resolved. In the meantime, the town continues to contract with the county to use three off-duty county police officers who provide 16 hours of police protection a day at a cost of $20 per hour.