Town of Purcellville

The following were among actions taken at the Aug. 14 meeting of the Purcellville Town Council. For more information, call 338-7421.

PLANNING COMMISSSION APPOINTMENTS -- The council appointed five new members and reappointed two members to the Planning Commission. The new members are Jane Bridge, Hank Houde, Ed Meade, Ed Nichols and William Washington; the veteran members are Ray Fields and Dan Reed.

The council also appointed council members Mary Alice Wertz and Lloyd Coburn as non-voting council liaison members to the commission. Terms on the commission are staggered; some will expire in 1992 and others in 1994.

REZONING -- The council scheduled a special meeting that was to have taken place on Tuesday to decide on a developer's application to build 172 town houses on a 29-acre tract in northeast Purcellville.

The developer, Chadwick American of Fairfax, sought a rezoning from R-2, which permits single-family homes and duplexes, to R-3, which permits town houses. The town's Planning Commission has recommended approval of the rezoning.

The council was scheduled to vote on the rezoning in June, but postponed the vote after council members and residents raised questions about the project's density and impact on town services. At that time, the developer reduced to 172 its original request for 204 town houses for the subdivision, to be called Villages at Purcellville.

The council postponed a vote again at the Aug. 14 meeting because it wanted to give residents more time to comment on the application.

At the Aug. 14 meeting, an attorney for the developer said his client would wait one more week for a decision. If the council failed to make a decision last Tuesday, or if it denied the rezoning, the developer would build at existing zoning, which allows 85 to 90 single-family homes or 140 duplexes.

Maintaining the existing zoning would cost the council a number of contributions, or proffers, the developer agreed to in exchange for the rezoning, including a public park in the development and cash contributions to the town's volunteer fire and rescue departments and for remodeling the new town office.

Town of Round Hill

The following was among actions taken at the Aug. 16 meeting of the Round Hill Town Council. For more information, call 338-7878.

PUBLIC HEARINGS -- The council set two public hearings, which it will hold jointly with the Planning Commission on Sept. 6, starting at 7:30 p.m.

The focus of the first public hearing will be a draft revision of the town's ordinance governing subdivisions. Among the changes proposed are requiring developers to submit site plans, eliminating private roads in subdivisions and giving the town's zoning administrator more say over the suitability of development applications.

The ordinance was last revised in the 1970s and is one of three documents the town uses to plan growth. The others are the comprehensive plan and the zoning ordinance.

The second public hearing will be in response to a request by B.R. Ventures of Round Hill to build medical offices and 16 town houses on three acres at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 719.

The land is now zoned for single-family houses. To build the project he is proposing, the developer needs to rezone the site to permit commercial uses on part of it and town houses on part of it.

The request is the developer's second proposal to the council. Originally he proposed building medical offices and four apartment buildings with eight units each on the site, but he withdrew that application last May after some residents said apartment buildings would result in too much development there.