D.C. police have failed to determine why Karen Elizabeth Condit, the 46-year-old wife of a Washington bank president, died of a fall from a window at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel last December after a Christmas party there.

Condit's body, clad in a nightshirt, was found about 7:30 a.m. on Dec. 17, a Sunday, on the ground below the third-story Ritz-Carlton room to which she and her husband, Thomas Condit, president of the National Cooperative Bank, had retired the night before.

The Condits, of Alexandria, had attended the bank's Saturday night Christmas party at the hotel at 2100 Massachusetts Ave. NW along with about 200 other people, according to police.

Lt. Charles Baily, of the D.C. homicide squad, said last week that detectives had been unable to determine how Condit ended up on the ground outside the hotel room.

"The woman either committed suicide or slipped and fell or somebody pushed her out . . . the window," Bailey said. "We couldn't prove anything one way or another. We've done everything that we know how to do."

Capt. Alfred Broadbent, head of the homicide squad, said that unless new information becomes available, the investigation will remain inactive.

At the time of Karen Condit's death, police detectives said that after the party, Thomas Condit went to a second party in the hotel and his wife went upstairs to the couple's room. They said Condit told detectives that when he returned to their room later, his wife was sleeping.

Early Sunday morning, Condit awoke because the room was "very cold," and discovered that his wife was not in bed and that a window was open, police said. Martin Flynn, an attorney for the National Cooperative Bank and for the Condit family, said at the time that Condit's death was accidental.

"It was a very tragic accident," said Flynn. "She opened a window in the middle of the night because it was hot in the room, and she slipped and fell."

Flynn said last week that "obviously the police reached no conclusion that there had been any foul play or they would be doing something about it."

Condit was on vacation and could not be reached for comment.