A Howard University student said she was chased, tackled, kicked and ultimately arrested by a plainclothes police officer who caught her jaywalking last week.

The incident, which drew a crowd last Wednesday near 15th and Euclid streets NW, was the second such arrest resulting from jaywalking in the last month. On Aug. 10, John Bonello, 24, was charged with disorderly conduct after a similar incident involving a police cadet.

Chandra Shealey, 19, said she heard someone yell when she was crossing Euclid Street about 7:30 p.m. She said she looked back, saw a man in a white car that had stopped and assumed it was a cabdriver making a comment.

Shealey, who said she had arrived from Chicago a day earlier, had just registered at Howard and was carrying $440 in cash, said she continued walking. After hearing a second yell, she turned and saw a man wearing a T-shirt running toward her.

"He grabs me by the neck, throws me down on the floor and picks me up by the neck," said Shealey. "He was like 'You better shut up or I'll really give you something to complain about.' "

The two struggled, and Shealey said she was yelling, trying to find out why the man had tackled her. A uniformed police officer, who apparently was on patrol and heard the commotion, came by and separated the two, she said. Shealey said that up until that point she did not know that the man in the T-shirt was an undercover officer.

After her purse was searched, Shealey said she was handcuffed and taken to the 3rd District police headquarters, in the 1600 block of V Street NW. She was still yelling, she said, and the officer told her he would drag her into the station "so you'd really have a complaint."

She said she was intitially charged with a pedestrian violation, and then ordered to sit in a room. Her ankle, which she said she sprained when kicked or tackled, began to swell. A woman noticed it, and Shealey said she was eventually taken to D.C. General Hospital.

At 2:40 a.m. Thursday, after a doctor diagnosed a sprain, Shealey said she was taken back to the station. This time, she said, her fingerprints were taken, she was charged with resisting arrest.

"Well, of course I was going to resist arrest. I thought he was going to rob me. He didn't even identify himself," said Shealey.

The officer who arrested Shealey, Wayne Simpson, is assigned to an undercover narcotics detail, police said. Shealey, who intends to file a complaint, said several people who saw the incident have approached her and offered to serve as witnesses.

Police officials confirmed that Shealey was arrested and charged with a pedestrian violation and disorderly conduct.