Town of Lovettsville

The following was among actions taken at the Aug. 23 meeting of the Lovettsville Town Council. Because of a large number of speakers at the meeting, the council did not complete its agenda and will meet again at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 in the town office. For more information, call 822-5788.

TRASH RECYCLING -- The council heard a proposal from David Grayson of Grayson's Refuse Service to provide trash recycling services in Lovettsville at a cost to the town of $250 a month.

Grayson said his company would set up recycling bins in which town residents could deposit discarded glass and aluminum. He said he could not include a bin for newspapers, as he has in other towns, because the recycling market for newsprint is flat.

Town Recorder Thomas Kane said the council is trying to locate a suitable place for the recycling bins, perhaps behind Lovettsville Elementary School, with the permission of Loudoun County.

The recycling program proposed by Grayson's would likely lessen some of the same work now done by volunteers from a local church and a Jaycees group. The two groups collect discarded materials, including newspaper, every other week. Kane said council members noted that the volunteers, who have been struggling to sell the materials, would welcome a town program.

"There was disappointment that {Grayson's} couldn't take care of the newspapers, too," he said.