I recently received in the mail a legislative report from the state senator and delegates of Maryland's 23rd District. It seems it was a productive 1990 legislative session. However, I was more impressed by what was missing from the newsletter: any mention of the volatile abortion debate that raged in Annapolis this year.

Since their campaign literature seems to omit the point, I believe that residents of Greenbelt, Bowie and the other voters in the 23rd District should be reminded that Sen. Leo Green (D) and Delegates Mary A. Conroy (D), Joan B. Pitkin (D) and Charles S. Ryan (D) -- who make up the district's delegation -- are all anti-choice.

Sen. Green is particularly vehement about his anti-choice views. When the Omnibus Abortion Rights Bill -- which would have ensured that abortion remain safe and legal in Maryland -- arrived on the Senate floor, Sen. Green was one of the 16 senators who filibustered for eight days. Because of this action, the majority of the pro-choice Senate was never afforded the opportunity to vote on this piece of legislation.

As an individual, I can respect an antiabortion stance taken by other individuals. As a voter, I cannot and will not support elected officials who do not represent my pro-choice position in Annapolis.

DICK J. GELDOF Greenbelt