City of Falls Church

The following were among actions taken at the Aug. 21 meeting of the Falls Church School Board. For more information, call 241-7648.

ADMINISTERING MEDICATIONS -- The School Board revised its medical regulations to allow only the school nurse or health aides to administer non-prescription medicine to students and to allow students with asthma to use inhalants without supervision.

As in the past, any medication can be administered to students at school only with the written permission of parents or, in the case of prescription drugs, a physician.

All medicines are stored and administered in a nurse's office or other central location. When the system's only nurse is at another school, however, other school personnel often have had to give the medicine to students.

Under the new rules, school staff can continue to administer prescription drugs as required by a doctor, but only the nurse or a health aide will be allowed to administer an over-the-counter medication requested by the student's parents. In addition, with the written permission of the school, a doctor and parents, students who have asthma may now carry inhalers and use them without special supervision.

The policy change was made because student health services have been expanded to include a part-time health aide at each of the city's three schools and because some students with asthma have needed medication while on a playing field or at another location during school-related activities.