A surveying crew called Prince George's County police yesterday after finding large, heavy-duty vehicles in various stages of disassembly at an unlikely location: an isolated spot near Largo.

After taking a look, police said there were 10 vehicles worth about a million dollars -- four 15-foot-tall, six-wheel, double-axle dump trucks; five tractor-trailer cabs and a panel truck -- all stolen.

Police said all but one of the vehicles (the panel truck) had been stripped of their tires, which are worth an estimated $1,500 apiece. In addition, most of the trucks had been denuded of various engine parts, they said.

"The vehicles are more valuable as parts," said Cpl. Mark Polk, a police spokesman.

"It's not unusual to find one heavy-duty vehicle stolen. But to find 10 together is very uncommon."

The place they were found is undeveloped land on Lake Arbor Drive near Route 202. "If you weren't looking for that road, you'd drive right by," he said.

The vehicles appear to have been stolen from various locations throughout the Washington area within a span of several days or several weeks, Polk said.

Police had no suspects last night, but said they believed that more than one person was involved in the thefts.

"No one could have done it by themselves," Polk said. "We're looking for more than one person."