Congressional candidate Mark R. Frazer, one of eight Republicans vying for the 1st District seat held by Rep. Roy P. Dyson (D-Md.), fended off criticism of his driving record yesterday as the race for the GOP nomination entered a final bitter week.

Frazer was cited in 1975 and 1982 for driving under the influence of alcohol, had his license suspended and accumulated 14 points for various infractions over the last 15 years, facts that Frazer said were made public in 1982 and 1986 during his successful local races for Calvert County commissioner.

In one case, Frazer said he was returning from a basketball game and in the other from a campaign function. Frazer said that in both cases he was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, as opposed to the more serious offense of driving while intoxicated.

The issue resurfaced yesterday when St. Mary's Today, a weekly newspaper that has been in circulation six weeks in Dyson's native St. Mary's County, featured a lengthy article with a picture of Frazer on a campaign bicycle tour and the headline, "A Bike May Be The Only Way Frazer Can Get Around In Maryland."

The story quoted several of Frazer's opponents questioning his ability to serve in Congress in light of his driving record, and was sent to The Washington Post by the campaign manager for GOP hopeful Raymond Briscuso.

In a campaign that has featured plenty of sniping as the eight hopefuls jockey for position, Frazer said the remarks by his opponents in the story are a sign that tensions are high one week from Tuesday's primaries. Frazer, along with 1988 Republican nominee Wayne T. Gilchrest, is considered among the front-runners in the crowded field.

"I have had to deal with it {the driving record} twice; there does not seem to be any end to it," Frazer said. "As far as the campaign is going, I am one of those they have got to overcome."