I have been a commissioner of the Maryland Commission for Women since February 1986, having been appointed approximately the same time as Joanne Welsh. I would like to comment on her candidacy for the House of Delegates and her comments about the commission in the article "Label Riles House Challenger" {Maryland Weekly, Aug. 23}.

Because of Joanne Welsh's poor judgment, arrogant manner of dealing with people, failure to communicate with committee chairs, high-handedness in canceling or postponing meetings for her own convenience, inability to chair meetings and failure to explain inappropriate behavior toward other commissioners, on Feb. 15 the commission took the unprecedented action of calling for a vote of no confidence. In an overwhelming vote of no confidence, the commission requested that the governor remove Joanne Welsh as chair.

This action was not taken lightly; it was especially painful because of the outstanding leadership demonstrated by all the previous chairs in the commission's 23-year history. Joanne Welsh's attribution of her problems on the commission to "internal politics" is further evidence of her insensitivity and inability to deal with people. Her comment that her only mistake was "in not cleaning house" in the beginning is indicative of her erroneous belief in her own power and authority as well as her inability to work as part of a group or to show capable leadership. The MCW consists of people from all across the state who volunteer because their overriding interest is to work as a group for the betterment of women (and, hence, all citizens) in Maryland.

What irony! Isn't the ability to work cooperatively with others a basic requirement for effective membership in the House of Delegates? And isn't the ability to set aside political differences in favor of real concerns for the people of the state another desirable trait for a delegate?