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Leo A. Donn

Isaac Gourdine

Sue V. Mills Isaac J. Gourdine 3711 Stonesboro Rd., Fort Washington Age:43

Lawyer, Williams and Harper; co-chairman, Jessie Jackson's Presidential Committee, Prince George's County; vice chairman, 5th Congressional Rainbow Coaltion, Maryland; past commissioner, Boy Scouts of America, Two Rivers District; past president, Friendly High School PTA; past vice president, Maplewood Civic Association; past board member, NAACP, Prince George's County; veteran, Vietnam War; volunteer attorney, legal counsel for the elderly; married; two children; member, Ebenezer A.M.E. Church.

A. The most pressing issue facing this county and most jurisdictions throughout this country is the rising drug use among our young and the crime that follows. I believe that the best way of attacking this problem is through education. As a criminal attorney, I understand that a large amount of our youth become involved in crime and drugs as a result of ignorance. This being the case, and the fact that the problem with crime and drugs in our society is reaching epidemic proportions, we should do more to educate our youth about the problem. I propose a comprehensive drug awareness course, which would begin in the elementary schools and proceed through the junior high and the high schools. I feel, as most citizens, that we have a sickness in our society and we should immunize ourselves against this disease. We should prepare society to reject the disease of drug addiction. The only way to achieve this is through education. Sue V. Mills 8305 Schultz Rd., Clinton Incumbent

Council member, 8th Council District, Prince George's County, 1978-present; member, Board of Education, 1970-78, chairman, 1975; member, D.C. Baseball Commission; member, 100 Powerful Women Achievers, Washingtonian magazine; Outstanding Woman of the Year, Business and Professional Women; published, Outstanding Women of American Journal; president and vice president, Maryland Career Education Advisory Council; member, Maryland Commission on Funding Public Education; member, Prince George's County Transportation Oversight Committee.

A. Growth and development -- which affects our educational system, our transportation system and our safety. We must strive to ensure the impact of future growth is positive rather than negative. Our educational system's resources must not be strained. Development or not, the present educational resources must be directed to include equally all our school children, not just a select 17 percent. All development must meet our newly revised adequate public facilities criteria, to prevent our already overburdened roadways from clogging to a virtual standstill, as in some of our neighboring counties. We must continue to beef up our war on drugs and the increased related crime through preventive education and increased safety measures. The multifaceted quality of our lives and growth/development are inextricably entwined. We must not lose sight of one as we oversee the other.



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Roy L. Chambers is unopposed