QUESTION: What is the most important issue facing the county, and how would you deal with it?



(1 seat) William E. Hanna Jr. Anne Robbins William E. Hanna Jr. 632 Crocus Dr., Rockville Age: 69 Incumbent

President, County Council, 1990 and 1986; Rockville mayor, four terms, only U.S. mayor to receive two "All-American City" awards; AA, physical science; AB, social studies; MA, economics; designer and sponsor of council legislation: productivity housing plan, catastrophic health insurance plan (first in the nation), R & D village concept; sponsor: development district concept for developer underwriting of needed infrastructure, Art in Public Places Program and Commission on the Humanities; co-sponsor, pilot innovative program on child care; vice president, National Institute of Public Management; past president, Maryland Municipal League; board of directors, Washington Council of Governments; national treasurer, Sister Cities International.

A. The most important issue is the shortage in housing, particularly low- and moderate-income housing. This shortage is reflected in our declining labor availability, congested roads, and high cost of housing. Until there is an adequate supply of housing in all price ranges, this county will continue to face the above problems. I recently sponsored the first comprehensive housing program in the nation known as the Productivity Housing Program. It should close the deficit in county housing by 25,000 units over the next seven years. I have consistently supported housing programs, increasing the housing-jobs ratio, and sponsored a development district initiative requiring developers -- not property owners -- to pay infrastructure costs so county funds can be used for other purposes. I sponsored the mini-bond program to raise funds for affordable housing, co-sponsored the Housing Initiative Fund to ensure a substantial budget allocation annually for affordable housing, and co-sponsored legislation to increase the moderately priced dwelling unit requirement. Anne Robbins 17 Lodge Dr., Rockville Age: 48

Freelance writer; teacher, Montgomery County school system; master's degree in public administration; campaign adviser to husband, Rockville City Council member David Robbins; received national and local recognition (Montgomery County Board of Education) for public awareness efforts to combat student drug abuse; adviser, White House Mental Health Commission; management analyst, federal government; personnel analyst, Montgomery County government; volunteer, Montgomery County senior centers; received Business and Professional Women's Fellowship, Maxwell School of Government; active in local and national campaigns since 1960.

A. The fragmented growth policies of the present council have brought increasing stresses on our quality of life. Overdevelopment in office and commercial buildings has had a negative impact on the county's transportation systems, our ability to provide affordable housing and our environment. Transportation policies have not relied enough on innovation and public transportation. The result has been clogged highways, deteriorating safety for pedestrians -- particularly the elderly, enormous expenditures and an increasing strain on our environment. We need to listen to the citizens of the county and let them tell us where they think this county should be heading during the next decade. We need to stop paving over the upper county with mini-Silicon Valleys and strive for a balanced plan of growth that considers the needs and aspirations of the residents who make this county their home. As a starter, we need new policy makers on the County Council.