Is Anne Arundel County on the right track environmentally? COUNTY EXECUTIVE DEMOCRAT

(1 seat) Patricia Aiken Dennis Callahan Michael F. Gilligan Theodore Sophocleus Patricia Aiken 501 Epping Forest Rd., Annapolis Age: 68

Civic activist and politician; member, Maryland House of Delegates, 1975-79; member, Environmental Matters Committee, Environmental Research Guidance Committee, Maryland Power Plant Siting Committee and Central Maryland Health Systems Agency; first woman supervisor, Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation Board; first president, Anne Arundel County Women's Political Caucus; helped get Maryland Grading and Sedimentation Control Law passed; founding member, General's Highway Protective Association; Democratic nominee for Congress, 1982; secretary, Anne Arundel County Maryland Environmental Trust; member, East/West Bypass Committee; delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1980; attended University of Maryland and other universities; married, with two children.

We have good environmental laws on the books, but we have not yet had an executive who understands how to implement them. In minor cases, builders are nit-picked to death; in major cases, the bulldozers roar on. Ours is land at the edge of the water, with highly erodible soil, yet I have recently toured vast, newly bulldozed areas. The current planning and zoning office is not doing a good job of protecting the environment. County rubble landfills -- north, south and west -- allow out-of-state dumpers. Citizen activism must be strong to succeed in an adversarial role. Togetherness by the county, builders and citizens is needed. Zoning laws need to be tightened and the zoning appeals boards must be localized. Land needs to be zoned by topography, not squares. Innovative, comprehensive recycling is a must. We should rehab older areas for affordable housing before bulldozing farmland. Dennis Callahan 300 Burnside St., Annapolis Age: 49

Mayor, Annapolis, 1985-89; founder and former owner, Maryland Medical Lab; founder and former owner, Tuxedo International Inc.; U.S. Army, 1962-65; married; two children; one granddaughter; Governor's Citation for Outstanding Act of Courage; established city's first drug policy office; enacted state's first Critical Areas Plan; as mayor reduced crime by 13.5 percent from 1985-89 and reduced property taxes to lowest level in more than a decade.

Uncontrolled growth has created great environmental problems for Anne Arundel County. First, we need a county executive who recognizes that it is time for a pause; a time to rearrange our priorities. We must put an end to the cutting down of trees for the purpose of building highways that people simply don't want. These same highways encourage additional growth. We must also expedite and legislate curbside recycling. I will lead our county delegation in an effort to reintroduce legislation that would require deposits on bottles and cans. This has been very successful in New England and can be successful in Maryland as well. Michael F. Gilligan 7957 Queens Rd., Glen Burnie Age: 47

Lawyer, private practice; graduate, Loyola College, Baltimore; graduate, University of Baltimore Law School; lawyer, Anne Arundel County Council, 1974-82; 2nd District Anne Arundel County councilman, 1982 to present; board of directors, American Cancer Society; board of directors, Chrysalis House; member, Severn River Association; past treasurer, Jaycees; member, Rotary Club; member, District 32 Democratic Club.

As an elected member of the Anne Arundel County Council during the past eight years, I was an active proponent for the drafting and adoption of both the Farm Preservation Bill and the Tree Bill for Anne Arundel County. Additionally, I was instrumental in enacting legislation establishing the Comprehensive Zoning Maps, which downzoned the entire county, and the Master Water and Sewer Plan. Further, I assisted in development of a curbside recycling program, which currently serves 25,000 households and will be operative countywide in several years. These pieces of legislation have helped to put Anne Arundel County on the right track environmentally. As county executive I would insist that any proposed future growth or development that impacts on our environment adhere to carefully thought out and well planned guidelines, developed by the experts and approved by the council, to assure that we remain on the right track. Theodore J. Sophocleus 6584 Brentwood Rd., Linthicum Age: 51

Pharmacist, owner, Ted's Pharmacy, 10 years; BS, pharmacy, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, registered pharmacist; member, Anne Arundel County Council, eight years; former director, professional services and management development, Read's Drug Stores, 18 years; past president, Overlook PTA; Crestwood Improvement Association; Anne Arundel Optimist; Curtis Bay Athletic Club; board member, American Cancer Society, Red Cross, Sheltered Workshop, Sub Area Health Committee, Drug and Alcohol Advisory Commission, Henryton State Hospital, Exchange Club; several Democratic clubs; Elks, Moose, Lions; several improvement associations; married, 26 years, three children, one grandson, all living in Anne Arundel County.

Anne Arundel County has started in the right direction concerning the environment. It has been a good start, but many areas need to be addressed. Storm water management and water quality of runoff must be expanded. Recycling and composting must be aggressively pursued to reach a goal of 30 percent recycling. The gypsy moth program must be expanded through a comprehensive evaluation of needs and to assure that all threatened or infested areas be treated. Woodland and farm preservation programs are essential to protect the ever-disappearing open space. Strict adherence to the critical areas legislation and the sediment and grading program. Continued utilization of the Soil Conservation District to ensure the protection of our county. Project "Open Space" must be expanded by the state of Maryland to ensure the preservation of pristine acreage. COUNTY EXECUTIVE REPUBLICAN

(1 seat) Robert R. Neall William J. Steiner Jr. Robert R. Neall P.O. Box 85, Davidsonville Age: 42

Former elected state official and health care executive, Johns Hopkins Health System; chairman, Governor's Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1989-90; vice president, development and external affairs, Johns Hopkins Health System, 1987-90; member, Maryland Transportation Authority, 1987-present; Maryland House minority leader, 1982-87; member, Maryland House of Delegates, 1975-87; elected, House minority whip, 1978; member, House Appropriations Committee, 1975-87; named Maryland's Best Legislator, Baltimore Magazine, 1986; BA, University of Maryland, 1972; enlisted man, U.S. Navy, 1967-68; AA, Anne Arundel Community College, 1971; Annapolis High School, Class of 1966.

No. I have advocated the creation of a new Department of Environmental Protection, consolidating six existing agencies that now deal with the environment. We also need to consolidate responsibility for manmade points of water discharge within the renamed Department of Water Quality Services (from the former Department of Utilities), improve the county's involvement with environmental interest groups, establish a culture that institutionalizes environmental sensitivity in all areas of county government, restore the county's environmental hot line, retrofit existing storm drain systems to increase the quality of water leaving the system, strictly limit sedimentation and pollutant contamination of our rivers and streams by emphasizing on-site contaminent and ground water infiltration, improve the quality of existing sewage treatment pumping stations to eliminate the possibility of overflows, eliminate uncontrolled industrial discharges into county lands and waters, develop watershed plans for the county's tributaries, and establish a monitoring and septic system replacement program. William J. Steiner Jr.

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