QUESTION: Other than growth, what is the most important issue facing Howard County? How would you deal with it?



(1 seat)

Elizabeth Bobo is unopposed



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Charles I. Ecker

Gilbert E. South Charles I. Ecker 5002 Durham Rd. East, Columbia Age: 61

Retired deputy superintendent of Howard County Public Schools; successfully developed, managed and monitored the Howard County Public School System's budget; successfully managed the Howard County Public Schools' financial, construction, personnel, negotiations, food service, and transportation matters; implemented programs to reduce expenditures while maintaining or improving the level of service; fostered community use of buildings and playing fields; named to top 100 school administrators in the nation, 1988-89; negotiator, 20 years; American Management Association certificate; presenter, national workshops and seminars on fiscal and negotiation matters; PhD, University of North Carolina; conducted workshops and seminars on fiscal and negotiation matters.

A. Fiscal responsibility. The county government has a "spending-it-now-don't-worry-about-tomorrow" attitude. In all probability the "Linowes" commission's recommendations, when or if acted on, will have a tremendous, negative effect on the state revenue Howard County receives and/or the amount of state taxes Howard County residents will be required to pay. We must have prudent utilization of our tax dollars to maintain our quality of life. I would deal with this by: 1) Establishing a spending affordability committee to give guidance on operating budget spending limits. 2) Reducing the county bureaucracy. 3) Requiring that fiscal, economical and environmental notes be attached to all major legislation. 4) Developing and implementing an economic development plan. 5) Placing a cap, below the state's permissible 10 percent, on annual increases in property assessments. Gilbert E. South 9080 Furrow Ave., Ellicott City Age: 54

Vice president, treasurer, I-TEM, LTD; president, CEO, Frontier Systems of America Inc.; cum laude, BS, accounting, University of Baltimore, 1970; U.S. Army Security Agency, Korea, honorable discharge, 1958; 28 years, chief financial officer, Baptist Foundation of Maryland Inc. Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Inc., Baptist Church Extension Society of Maryland, Inc.; trustee, Helping Up Mission Inc., 15 years; HCYP, coach, three years; Republican candidate, county executive, 1986, receiving 37.7 percent of the vote (first-time candidate).

A. The environment . . . Our earth is a precious and unreplenishable blessing from our maker. We have no right or authority to abuse or to take it for granted. All governmental legislation and policies ought to derive from this principle. My recycling program would include an objective of recycling 80 percent of our waste by the year 2000. We shall convert our landfill into an anaerobic composting facility that processes waste into useful substances and extends the life of the landfill. While the state does not require us to install a leachate collection system under the existing waste already in the landfill, landfill mining will permit installation of a comprehensive landfill leachate collection system for the whole site, thus ensuring the quality of the ground water. I would support development of local recycling service businesses through tax grants, subsidies and direct seed moneys where justified in order to coordinate product accumulation with product distribution.