Loudoun County

The following was among actions taken at the Sept. 4 meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. For more information, call 777-0202.

STERLING TOWN HOUSES -- The board voted 6 to 2 to approve a developer's application for 111 town houses on 11 acres in Sterling.

The development, to be called Old Sterling Gables, will be located about 700 feet south of the intersection of Sterling and Church roads. Supervisors Betsey Brown (D-Catoctin) and Thomas Dodson (D-Mercer) voted against the application, saying the developer's proffers, or contributions, were not sufficient for the amount of density proposed.

Among its contributions, the Old Sterling Gables Limited Partnership will give the county up to $105,000 to be used toward an affordable housing fund or to buy recreational facilities. Brown said the money was not enough and that the developer should have made greater provisions for affordable housing in its application.

"I don't think $100,000 is a substantial affordable housing proffer," she said, recommending that the board send the application to a committee for further study.

Besides the affordable housing/recreation money, the developer will donate about $320,000 to the county for public facilities such as roads, sewer and water. The firm will also develop private recreational facilities, such as playgrounds on the property, and make a $60-per-house contribution for local fire and rescue services.