QUESTION: What is the most important issue in your district that you can affect as a member of Congress?



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Steny H. Hoyer

Abdul Alim Muhammad Steny H. Hoyer 6621 Lacona St., Berkshire Age: 51 Incumbent

Congressman, 1981-present; chairman, House Democratic Caucus; member, Appropriations Committee; co-chairman, Helsinki Commission; member, Maryland Senate, 1967-79, and president of Senate, 1975-79; member, State Board for Higher Education, 1978-81; practicing attorney; married; three children; graduated: Suitland High School; University of Maryland, 1963; Georgetown University Law Center, 1966.

A. After 25 years of service, I have a demonstrated commitment and record of concern for the needs and interests of all of Prince George's County. We have a historic opportunity to prove that a multiracial society can work and live together, share power and accomplishment. I am committed to that goal. I will continue to work for funding for the major improvements and job opportunities in the county; advocate increased attention to the health, housing and social needs of Prince Georgians; work for civil rights and justice in this country and around the world, including South Africa; continue the fight against the drug and crime epidemic; and argue for a tax and economic policy that treats working Americans with the respect and understanding that we deserve. As your congressman, I will advocate justice for all people and the interests of Prince George's County in the U.S. Congress. Abdul Alim Muhammad 2275 Anvil Lane, Temple Hills Age: 42

Physician, Abundant Life Clinic; minister, Muhammad Mosque 4. Since childhood, has been involved in the struggle for human rights, working with the NAACP, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the black student and anti-war movements; educated in the public schools of York, Pa., and at Antioch College; obtained a medical degree from Case-Western Reserve University and trained in general surgery at Harlem Hospital; minister in the nation of Islam since 1981 and led the successful Doorbusters program in Mayfair Mansions.

A. The most important issue, that in fact covers all other issues, is that of leadership. Leadership not just for some, but all the citizens of Prince George's County. The blacks who are the majority are not adequately represented by the present leadership group. This is reflected in every area of life in Prince George's County where blacks are suffering the consequences of poor leadership. The educational crisis, the drug and crime situation and the gross economic inequality are glaring examples of the effect of poor leadership. My vision for Prince George's County is on the basis of freedom, justice and equality for all people. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES; 5th DISTRICT



Vote for one:

Lee F. Breuer

Gregory K. Washington Lee F. Breuer 2008 Kirklin Dr., Oxon Hill Age: 59

Jeweler; founder/president, Lee's Fine Jewelry; member, Prince George's County Republican Central Committee, 1986-present; nominee, Maryland House of Delegates, 1986; Regent National Federation of Republican Women; adviser, National Institute Against Prejudice and Violence; employee, Merrill Lynch, Wall Street office, Accounting Department; delegate, Maryland State PTA; chairman, March of Dimes, Cancer Society, Heart Association and Cerebral Palsy; member, Lawyers' Wives Club; late husband, attorney, CPA; both daughters are attorneys; honored by Maryland House of Delegates and Senate for humanitarian causes.

A. The most important issue in my district is whether the congressional seat will continue to be held by the county politician machine. The machine uses the power of this position to further its own aims rather than serving the District's citizens. The incumbent is a top leader in the political machine which controls most county agencies and the courts. Its power has been misused as is evidenced by the frequent newspaper articles reporting on political corruption. As a result, the county has one of the highest tax rates in the country. The highest property taxes are particularly harmful to senior citizens and low income families, some of whom had to sell their homes because they could not pay the taxes. My election would help break the power of the machine and insure that this congressional seat would be used to serve the people, not a small clique of private interests. Gregory K. Washington 5937 Hil-Mar Dr., Forrestville Age:38

Certified public accountant, president/CEO, Gregory K. Washington, CPA; auditor, numerous federal programs, activities and functions; member, Executive Committee Maryland Republican Party; Board of Governors, D.C. Institute of CPA's, 1988-90; advisory board, Howard University Hospital, 1986-88; board of directors, Anthony Bowen YMCA, 1985-88; presidential appointee, White House Conference on Small Business; member, Republican National Committee, Committee on Minority and Ethnic Participation in the Republican Party; Republican Eagle; Republican Inner Circle; BS, Accounting, Florida State University.

A. The most important issue that I can affect as a member of Congress is the federal deficit. The federal deficit is currently over$3 trillion. The current budget deficit is over$100 billion. Current members of Congress from my district have failed to exercise effective leadership to combat a problem which threatens the very nature of this country's existence. As a member of Congress, I would campaign for passage of a Constitutional amendment to require both the executive and legislative branches of government to submit and enact a balanced budget each fiscal year. I would propose legislation to freeze appropriations for all departments at their 1988 levels, and require each department to submit a comprehensive justification for continued funding of each major program above 1988 levels and require that all new tax increases be restricted and set aside in a deficit reduction trust fund. This fund would be used only to reduce the principle component of the national deficit.