A Fairfax County jury convicted a 21-year-old man yesterday of taking part in the invasion of an Asian home in which an 8-year-old boy was suspended for a time by electrical wire, a meat cleaver was scraped against his 10-year-old brother's neck and a gun was pointed at their father's head as the attackers played Russian roulette until he revealed where money and jewels were hidden.

After three hours of deliberation, the jury found Bao Quoc Doan, of no fixed address, guilty of 10 charges, including burglary, robbery, abduction and use of a firearm. The Circuit Court jury recommended a prison sentence of life plus 56 years.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Mark C. Simmons told the jury that Doan was one of at least five men, three of whom wore masks, who stormed the home of a Vietnamese restaurateur in the 7600 block of Trail Run Road in Falls Church on Feb. 24.

Police say the attack was one of eight in the county this year in which homes of Asian families have been invaded by groups, often made up of Vietnamese men. The attacks, often carefully planned, target business people in Vietnamese communities who are then threatened or beaten until they reveal where valuables are hidden.

Xuan Duc Ho, who was convicted last month as being the man who led the invasion, testified Thursday that Doan accompanied him and was one of the masked men who invaded the house. None of the victims identified Doan.

Doan's attorney, Christopher C. Nolan, argued that "Bao was 600 to 700 miles away" that night. Doan's mother and two brothers testified that Doan was in Chicago. However each, answering Simmons's questions, told different stories about what Doan was doing Feb. 24.

A member of the jury, who did not want to be identified, said after the verdict that jurors spent 80 percent of the deliberation trying to determine whether Doan was in Chicago or Falls Church. He said once they decided they did not believe his alibi, they quickly reached a verdict.

Ho agreed to testify against Doan and three other men in exchange for a sentence of life plus 31 years, according to a plea agreement. Ho, who was living in Chicago, testified that he received a phone call from Doan. Ho said Doan, who had attended high school in Falls Church, planned the Falls Church home invasion. He knew the area and he knew that the man who owned the house was opening a restaurant, Simmons said.

Ho testified that Doan drove to Chicago to pick him up and then drove to Richmond to pick up two of Doan's friends. Ho was arrested June 6 after jewelry from the house, a ski mask and his identification were found in a bag hidden in a closet in a Richmond town house. Fairfax police Investigator Gary A. Healy testified that Ho confessed to the incident and gave police names of four other men who were involved.

Kinh Duc Dao and Vu Duc Dao are awaiting trial in Fairfax on charges stemming from the invasion. Mike Phoung, 20, is awaiting extradition from Chicago.

Nolan argued that Ho falsely implicated his client. "The only connection that attempts to put Bao Doan in that house was from a convicted felon, a liar," Nolan told the jury. "He is protected from the real people who would come after him."

Nolan said after the verdict that Doan maintains his innocence and plans to appeal.

Doan faces eight charges, including abduction, burglary and rape, in a March 19 home invasion. His trial on those charges is set for Oct. 17.