A group of armed men burst into an apartment near Andrews Air Force Base early yesterday, tied up six occupants, shot and killed one of them execution-style, wounded two others and gang raped two women, Prince George's County police said.

Police said the men were seeking money and "other items."

One of the six victims, identified only as a man in his twenties, escaped from the second-story apartment in the Andrews Manor complex by hurling himself through a window and onto the balcony as the shooting began, police said.

With his hands still bound, the man jumped about 12 feet to the ground and fled across a courtyard, bleeding from several cuts.

The dead man was identified as Sulaiman Yusiff Malik, 18, of 57th Place in Southeast Washington. Police declined to identify his two wounded companions, but said both are men in their twenties. One was hospitalized in critical condition last night, the other in stable condition.

Like Malik, each was shot in the head at close range, according to a detective who asked not to be identified.

It was not clear how many wounds the men suffered. The detective said the assailants fired as many as a dozen shots in the apartment. The women who were raped were not injured by the gunfire, he said.

Malik's death was the 80th homicide of the year in Prince George's County, compared with 81 as of yesterday's date in 1989. A record 127 people were slain last year in the county, according to police.

The victim who escaped through the window was among four men and two women in the two-bedroom apartment, in the 5400 block of Morris Avenue in Camp Springs, when someone knocked at the door about 1 a.m., police said.

One of the occupants opened the door and four or five assailants burst in with pistols, police said. The intruders demanded money and "other items" that police declined to specify.

The detective said it was unclear whether the incident was drug-related. "You can read into it, by the way the whole thing went down, that it's a possibility," he said. "But we haven't confirmed it yet."

He said police did not find drugs or a large amount of cash in the apartment, which rents for about $600 a month. At least one of the three men who survived the attack lived in the apartment, the detective said.

The occupants were tied hand and foot in the living room, the detective said. The women were then taken into one of the bedrooms, where they were "sexually assaulted by several of the suspects while the rest of the suspects searched the apartment," police said in a statement.

The detective said the women were still in the bedroom when the shooting began.

As the first shot was fired, one of the four men managed to free his feet, the detective said. He then crashed through the window, leaped off the balcony and ran to another apartment, where he called for help.

"He never even got his hands loose," the detective said. "It's amazing what you can do when you have to."

Police spokesman Mark Polk said he would not disclose the names of the surviving victims, or where the wounded men are hospitalized, because the assailants have not been caught and detectives fear for the victims' safety.

Yesterday's shootings recalled two similar incidents in Prince George's in recent years in which armed intruders burst into apartments and opened fire.

Four men in a Forestville apartment were fatally shot Nov. 7 in what police said was a drug-related feud. One of the intruders was convicted of four counts of first-degree murder last month and is awaiting sentencing. His alleged accomplice was acquitted of murder charges.

On Jan. 22, 1988, in another drug-related attack, five people were slain execution-style in a Landover apartment. Four men were convicted of multiple counts of first-degree murder in the killings. Two were sentenced to life in prison and two received death sentences.