The Bowie City Council at its Sept. 4 meeting approved two special tax ordinances for the Pin Oak Plaza area and the Elder Oaks Apartments to help pay the costs of stormwater facilities in those neighborhoods. The new taxes will take effect Oct. 4.

Bowie City Manager Charles Moore said the amount of the taxes will be based on the cost to the city to maintain the stormwater areas and will be set during the city's budget process next spring. The city uses special tax ordinances in areas of Bowie where special services are needed by property owners.

The council also agreed to apply to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for a $33,049 grant to help beautify the Bowie Mainstreet area, which encompasses Freestate Mall, Hilltop Plaza and the Market Place. The city will give $26,989 to the improvement project, and the three shopping centers have agreed to donate $20,400 toward the project's total cost of just over $80,000. The improvement project will begin in October and is expected to be completed in a year.

The council also voted to amend a city election law that now prohibits persons from canvassing or posting campaign material within 1,000 feet of a building where voting is taking place. The amended law, which now conforms with state law, prohibits such actions within 100 feet of buildings used as voting places. The law takes effect Oct. 4. TOWN OF BRENTWOOD

The Brentwood Town Council at its Aug. 4 meeting agreed to purchase 20 "No Loitering" signs to place in areas of the town where residents have complained that large numbers of people congregate. The placement of the signs will be determined at the next meeting. The town's Anti-Crime Task Force proposed the signs to help decrease Brentwood's drug and crime activity. CITY OF DISTRICT HEIGHTS

The District Heights City Commission at its Sept. 6 meeting agreed to allow the town's seven-member police force to use town police cruisers when doing overtime work patrolling the Hilltop Gardens Apartment complex on Atwood and Apline streets. In the past, town police officers working overtime patrolling the apartment complex had to use their own cars.

The apartment complex uses both town police officers and Prince George's County officers to help curb drug acticvity around the complex. The apartment complex will reimburse the city for the cost of gasoline used. TOWN OF FAIRMOUNT HEIGHTS

The Fairmount Heights Town Council will meet at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, at Town Hall, 717 60th Place. For more information, call 925-8585. CITY OF HYATTSVILLE

The Hyattsville City Council will meet at 8 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 4310 Gallatin St. For more information, call 927-3810. CITY OF GREENBELT

The Greenbelt City Council will meet at 8 p.m. Monday at the Municipal Building, 25 Crescent Rd. For more information, call 474-8000. TOWN OF LANDOVER HILLS

The Landover Hills Town Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Town Hall, 6904 Taylor St. For more information, call 773-6401. CITY OF NEW CARROLLTON

The New Carrollton City Council at its Sept. 5 meeting awarded a $160,000 contract for street improvements to the Nazario Construction Co. of Beltsville. Nazario will begin within 10 days installing 66 handicapped access ramps and performing general maintenance on as yet undesignated city streets.

The council also awarded Vera Copes Weinback scholarships to New Carrollton residents Jennifer Jarrett and Kellie Sellers. The scholarship is named for the city's first female council member. Jarrett, a freshman at St. Mary's College in St. Mary's City, Md., received a $1,000 scholarship. Sellers, a freshman at Samuel Johnson University in North Carolina, received a $500 scholarship.

City Council meetings are telecast live on the city's own cable station, Channel B-10. Residents may participate in the proceedings via telephone by calling 459-6101.