As a Republican candidate for county council in Ellicott City, I am dismayed by the lack of progress on Route 100, the long overdue roadway to I-95. The Route 100 debacle has valuable lessons for those in charge of planning for our future in Howard County:

Politically courageous steps need to be taken early in the planning and development stage.

If you take a major road off the general plan and then rezone the adjacent acreage for hundreds more homes, you have massive traffic problems (Montgomery Road).

Roads, schools and increased housing must be planned in conjunction with each other, not based on politics.

If you don't build highways, then residential roads bear the burden of through traffic.

As a member of the county council, I would work to have Route 100 built and look for ways to improve traffic flows through the county. With approximately 40 percent of our traffic pass through (the drivers don't live or work here), the need for good highways is critical to keep our residential streets for neighborhood traffic. I would work to build Route 32 all the way to I-70 as a limited access road and support the modernization of I-70 to keep the traffic out of the Route 40 and Route 99 areas.

Howard County needs fresh ideas to achieve more effective solutions. DARREL DROWN Ellicott City