The following was among actions taken at the Sept. 18 meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. For more information, call 777-0202.

HOUSING FOUNDATION -- The board voted unanimously to give $60,000 to the fledgling Loudoun Foundation for Adequate Housing, a private nonprofit group established to raise money for affordable housing projects in Loudoun County.

The money will help the foundation pay operating and administrative expenses through the end of this calendar year. In addition, the county has pledged staff support to the foundation and its board of directors.

Among the projects the foundation has pledged support for is a proposed town house complex in Purcellville at which 25 percent of the houses will cost $70,000 or less and the rest will cost $98,000.

The county's donation to the foundation will come from a $100,000 Affordable Housing Contingency Fund in the current fiscal budget. The $60,000 grant is $24,000 more than that recommended by county staff, which suggested the board give the foundation $36,000 now and another $36,000 in fiscal 1991.

The supervisors pledged $60,000 because the money is available and because the foundation had asked for that amount. The pledge will cover more than 50 percent of the foundation's projected budget of $110,500 for its first year.

The staff preferred to give $36,000 because that would cover half of the foundation's administrative staff costs of $72,000. Staff members said the foundation should raise its own operating expenses, projected at $38,500 through the end of the current fiscal year.

The foundation has not yet determined exactly how much staffing it will need, but is required to give the county that information in exchange for its donation. The foundation is also required to show the county the following, among other information: proof of nonprofit status; letters of financial commitment to cover the rest of its budget, and a list of members of its board of directors, their addresses and business affiliations.