The following were among actions taken at the Sept. 13 meeting of the Prince George's County Board of Education. For more information, call 952-4350.

ARMED FORCES -- The board approved an emergency resolution giving any school employee who is a military reservist and called into active duty up to 15 days of military leave with pay and continued health benefits coverage, with the Board of Education paying both the employee's and the employer's contributions for up to 90 days.

Current federal law gives reservists called into active duty the right to return to their same job or its equivalent without the loss of seniority or rate of pay. The school system's emergency resolution goes a step further by providing full health benefits, paid for by the county, for 90 days. Called-up employees also will receive 15 days of military leave with pay in addition to any civilian leave they may have accrued. Only 110 of the county's 5,882 employees have been identified as National Guard or reserve members. The emergency resolution is in effect indefinitely.

ELECTED OFFICE -- Board members approved a resolution requiring any full-time principal elected to a public office to be assigned to another position.

The resolution calls for the reassigned principal to continue receiving pay and benefits as if he or she were still holding the position. At the end of the tenure in public office, the principal will be placed as the head of a school within the system, but will not be guaranteed reassignment to the school he or she left.

Two principals in the school system, Jo Ann Benson and Jim Proctor, ran for countywide office this year, with Benson winning a seat in the state House of Delegates.

TUITION RATE INCREASE -- Because of rising school costs, the board agreed to raise tuition rates for non-residents, effective immediately.

Out-of-state elementary school children living temporarily in the county will now pay $4,321 a year, up from $4,054 last year. Elementary school children who live in Maryland but outside Prince George's County will pay $2,686, up from $2,523 last year. Secondary students who are residents of another state will pay $5,353 in annual tuition, up from $4,877 last year. Maryland residents attending secondary school in the county will pay $3,657, up from last year's tuition of $3,288.

Out-of-state special education pupils living temporarily in the county with guardians or parents will now pay $14,632, up from $13,531. Special education students who are residents of Maryland but live outside the county will now pay $8,151, up from $7,294. Non-immigrant special education pupils will pay $14,632, up from $13,531.