Montgomery County prosecutors are reviewing allegations by a Crofton man that two Anne Arundel County detectives kidnapped and threatened to kill him if he failed to disclose the whereabouts of his brother, who is wanted for assaulting an Anne Arundel police officer.

Michael C. Rogers, 21, filed a complaint Saturday with District Court Commissioner Toby Miles alleging that Anne Arundel Detective Earl Fowlkes "grabbed me, threw me up against a wall, searched me, then put me in an unmarked police car against my will." The alleged abduction occurred about 8:30 p.m. Friday at a High's store in Kensington, the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Rogers said Fowlkes pointed a gun at his head and "told me several times he was going to kill me." Rogers alleged in the complaint that Detective Ron Sappington also threatened his life while the police officers held him captive for about an hour.

Anne Arundel police Lt. William J. Tankersley emphatically denied Rogers's allegations yesterday.

"Not only are we going through the work trying to solve this crime, we find ourselves being on the defensive over something that is totally absurd," said Tankersley, chief of the crimes against persons section.

Rogers filed misconduct charges against the two officers yesterday with the department's internal affairs division, county police said.

After a court hearing last month, Harold Rogers allegedly overpowered a police officer, struck her in the face and took her gun. Police said Rogers ordered the officer to drive him to Crofton, where he escaped. The officer was released.

Tankersley said yesterday Michael Rogers voluntarily agreed to take the detectives to several places in Langley Park where his brother might be hiding. Tankersley said the detectives ended the ride after 20 minutes because they suspected Rogers was lying.

"He was never forced to go anywhere," Tankersley said.

Commissioner Miles referred Rogers's complaint yesterday to Montgomery County State's Attorney Andrew L. Sonner, a routine procedure, Sonner said. His office will determine by midweek whether to file charges, he said.