Town of Round Hill

The following was among actions taken at the Sept. 20 meeting of the Round Hill Town Council. For more information, call 338-7878.

SEWER LINES -- The council heard a report from developers Bruce Brownell and Mark Nelis of Fort Beauregard Associates that the company began work this week on water and sewer mains that will serve a subdivision it is building just southwest of the town limits.

The sewer mains will hook up with the town's wastewater treatment plant at the west end of Round Hill and the water mains will connect to a network of wells the developer is building for use by the subdivision and the town.

Fort Beauregard Associates is building Stoneleigh, a development of 170 single-family homes and a golf course just southwest of Round Hill. A first phase of 51 homes and the golf course is now under construction.

As part of an agreement with the town, the developer will buy town sewer taps for 150 of the houses. It also is building seven wells and a water holding tank that will serve Stoneleigh and the town. Four of the wells are under construction.

The town also has a well agreement with another developer, the Intergate Co., under which a well will be built off Route 719 in exchange for 40 sewer hook-ups. Water from that well, together with the Fort Beauregard wells, is expected to finally solve water problem's for the town's roughly 250 households.

Round Hill has been under a mandate from the Virginia Department of Health to improve its water system and end its dependence on a spring-fed reservoir water system.