ANNAPOLIS, SEPT. 29 -- Two Naval Academy midshipmen were charged tonight with raping an Annapolis woman.

Melvyn Malcolm Davis, 21, and Gordon Scott Wilson, 21, were charged with first-degree rape and related sexual charges, Annapolis police spokesman Dermott Hickey said. He did not know their home towns.

The woman told police she met the midshipmen at a bar on Thursday night and sat at their table with them for about 15 minutes while drinking a beer. The men and the woman left separately and the midshipmen pulled up beside her in a car as she was walking home, Hickey said.

They offered her a ride and she accepted, Hickey said. "They took her to an unknown location in the city and she was taken inside where she was raped and then they took her back to whatever street she lived on," he said.

Police said the woman was treated at Anne Arundel Medical Center and had scratches on her back and scrapes on her knees.

The woman identified Davis and Wilson from a photo lineup, Hickey said.

The rape charges come at a time when the academy has instituted classes to sensitize midshipmen to sexual harassment after the resignation of a female midshipman this spring after she was handcuffed to a urinal.