The U.S. Naval Academy, already the focus of inquiries into its treatment of women, has been stung by new allegations that two midshipmen raped an Annapolis area woman.

Seniors Gordon Scott Wilson and Melvyn Malcolm Davis, both 21, were charged by Annapolis police Friday with raping a woman they allegedly met at a city restaurant.

The charges mark the third major incident involving sexual harassment or misconduct by academy midshipmen in a year. In May, the academy charged a midshipman with raping an Annapolis area woman on academy grounds. The midshipman has not been identified. In December, a male midshipman handcuffed a female student to a urinal and forced her to bear the jeers of other men, some of whom took photographs. The woman resigned from the academy and several participants were punished by the academy.

"These are serious offenses and we take them seriously," said academy spokeswoman Carol Feldmann. She said the academy began special sensitivity instruction this summer, and required midshipmen to participate in further workshops.

In the latest incident, an Annapolis area woman told police she met two midshipmen in an Annapolis restaurant Thursday evening and talked with them for about 15 minutes.

The men asked the woman if she wanted a ride home and she accepted, police said. The men left to get their car and the woman began walking down King George Street. A car pulled up beside the woman, and she said she recognized the occupants as the midshipmen she had been talking to in the restaurant, police said.

The woman got in the car and the men began making sexual advances to her; she said she rejected the advances and asked to be taken home, according to police.

Instead, police said, the men took her to a house, where they sexually assaulted her at about 11 p.m. The men then drove the woman home. She was treated at the Anne Arundel Medical Center for scratches on her back and scrapes on her knees.

The midshipmen were charged with first-degree rape and released to the custody of the academy.