The Rev. A. Knighton Stanley: Pastor of the Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ, he emerged as a power on the board in recent days, but resigned yesterday. He is a leading supporter of Democratic mayoral candidate Sharon Pratt Dixon. The author of "The Children Is Crying," on the history of congregationalism in black America, he has taught religion at Howard University.

Nira Hardon Long: She resigned last week as chairman, and reportedly is ready to leave the board, contingent on receiving assurances that she would not be held liable in any civil lawsuit against the university. An appointee of Mayor Marion Barry's, she is a main target of protesting students. She is a lawyer who previously served on the D.C. Redevelopment Land Authority. She was a consultant for President Carter's transition.

Richard Gross: A Washington lawyer, author and Barry appointee.

F.D.R. Fox: Has been vice chairman of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission Assembly, as well as a multimedia specialist with the Coast Guard and Howard University. He is an alumni trustee.

Joseph Webb: An alumni trustee, he has resigned. He has been chairman of the UDC student affairs committee.

Arthur M. Reynolds: Barry appointee, he is a certified public accountant and lawyer, a law partner of R. Kenneth Mundy, who represented Barry in his cocaine possession and conspiracy trial. He has resigned.

Cynthia Smith: Student trustee, she is a former UDC undergraduate student government president, and has been a special target of demonstrators.

Roger Wilkins: A Barry appointee, he is a civil rights and anti-apartheid activist and a history professor at George Mason University.

Concha Johnson: A Barry appointee, she has been executive director of the Senior Citizens Counseling and Delivery Service.

The Rev. Raymond B. Kemp: A Barry appointee, he is a former D.C. school board member and has been a board member of Gonzaga College High School. He is a priest at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Roman Catholic Church.

Herbert O. Reid Sr.: A Barry appointee, he is D.C. corporation counsel and has been Barry's personal lawyer. He was a longtime attorney for civil rights causes and argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has resigned as a trustee.

Charles B. Ruttenberg: A Barry appointee, he is a lawyer in the District.

Lourdes Miranda: A businesswoman in the city appointed by Barry. She has resigned.

Patricia A. Mathis: A Barry appointee and founder of a consulting firm ased in the city. A former vice president of Boston University, she is one of the few trustees with a background in education. A friend of artist Judy Chicago's, Mathis helped facilitate Chicago's donation of her controversial artwork, "The Dinner Party," to the school. That's why protesters have focused on her.

Alonza T. Evans: An alumni member and former president of the UDC alumni association, he has resigned from the board.