Acting on tips, police arrested two men yesterday and charged them with the abduction, rape and robbery of two women in Northwest Washington last month.

The arrests came after several weeks of intensive work by District police officers, who have been investigating assaults on women that began Aug. 28.

In all, 10 women were abducted in those attacks.

The two men, Darin C. Hagins, 25, and Lomax V. Hughes, 24, were arrested during simultaneous raids on their Northwest apartments.

An investigator said each will face additional charges when arraigned this morning, but would not say whether they are suspects in the other attacks.

Hagins, of the 5700 block of 14th Street NW, and Hughes, of the 1400 block of Madison Street NW, were charged with one count each of rape while armed.

The charge stems from the Sept. 20 assault of two women who were abducted from Florida and Georgia avenues NW.

The women were taken to a playground in upper Northwest, where they were sexually assaulted and robbed.

The victims provided police with the first detailed descriptions of the assailants, and a sketch of the suspects was released a day later.

At the time, sex squad investigators said the abductions were similar to the other attacks. All of the victims are black, in their mid-twenties, and all were abducted between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. while waiting for transportation or walking.

In at least four of the incidents, the men drove up in a four-door light blue or gray Hyundai and offered the women a ride. When the women refused, the suspects drove around the block, returned and abducted them.

In two of the incidents -- on Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 -- the men abducted three women who knew each other and were standing together. Of those six victims, five were robbed and one was raped, police said.