At a meeting Sept. 26, ANC 2B took the following actions:

Voted again not to support a request to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board by the Royal Palace, 1805 Connecticut Ave. NW, to renew its liquor license. The ANC had voted against the renewal earlier this year, pending reaching an agreement with the establishment regarding a sign advertising nude dancing and other matters. The ANC took this recent action after no agreement was reached.

Voted not to support a Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) application by Joanna Tyler to operate an art gallery at 1727 21st St. NW.

Voted to support a petition filed by residents with the D.C. ABC board in opposition to the proposed R Street Grill at 1635 R St. NW. Residents had opposed the new restaurant because of concerns about the number of restaurants already in the area.

ANC 2B will hold a forum for at-large D.C. Council candidates at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. Thomas Parish, 1772 Church St. NW. The ANC also will hold a mayoral candidates forum on Oct. 24. Contact the ANC at 332-9263 for more information.


ANC 3B will host a mayoral candidates forum at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts auditorium at 35th Street and Reservoir Road NW. The forum, including Republican candidate Maurice Turner and Democratic candidate Sharon Pratt Dixon will be moderated by former 3B commissioner David Click.

Audience members are invited to submit written questions for the candidates in a question box. 3E CHEVY CHASE

At a meeting Sept. 24, ANC 3E did the following:

Agreed to send a letter asking the D.C. Department of Recreation to dim or reduce the glare of outdoor lights at Lafayette Elementary School upon neighboring homes. Residents also are asking that the lighting hours be extended from dusk to dawn. Commissioners also agreed to send a second letter asking that the 2nd District police headquarters give special attention to the area to prevent vandalism.

Agreed to donate $1,000 to Iona House, 4200 Butterworth Place NW, to assist in the publication of a 1991 directory of community services for senior citizen services. The directory will be available through churches, libraries and various social service organizations.

Agreed to send a letter to the D.C. Department of Public Works asking that a recently enlarged traffic island on Mckinley Street NW at Nebraska Avenue be reduced to allow buses to move more freely between 30th Place and Mckinley Street.

Approved a resolution stating that all bus routes detoured during the Mckinley Street reconstruction be returned to their original routes. The ANC is scheduled to discuss on Oct. 22 a citizen proposal to transfer the E2 bus along Mckinley Street to Military Road NW.

Discussed a grant request by Historic Chevy Chase, D.C., for $1,100 to help fund an architectural survey of the neighborhood.

Discussed a grant request by the Lafayette Home and School Association for $500 to purchase soil and seed for a baseball field.

ANC 3E will meet 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Chevy Chase Community Center, Connecticut Avenue and Mckinley Street NW. For agenda information, call 363-5803. 4D PETWORTH-NORTHWEST BOUNDARY

ANC 4D will hold a monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the 4th District police precinct, 6001 Georgia Ave. NW. Contact the ANC office at 829-4111 for agenda information. 5A BRKLND.-WDRIGE.-LAMOND RIGGS-MI. PK.

At a meeting Sept. 26, ANC 5A took the following actions:

Heard citizen complaints about inadequate police reponsiveness, an increase in burglaries and drug related activities, inadequate rat control and loose dogs prowling the neighborhood.

Agreed to help establish more citizen crime watch patrols.

Discussed changes in emergency admittance and payment procedures at Providence Hospital. The hospital now requires photo identification, an insurance card, a physician's name and phone number, a list of currently prescribed medications and a $50 deposit.

In addition, representatives for Providence Hospital, D.C. General Hospital and the D.C. public health commissioner made presentations and answered questions about ambulance service and emergency room procedures in Northeast Washington. 6A CAPITOL HILL-NORTHEAST

At a meeting Sept. 6, ANC 6A took the following actions:

Agreed to support a request to the city by residents in the 600 block of Morris Place NE to reverse the one-way traffic direction of Seventh Street NE from west to east rather than east to west.

The ANC will meet at 7 p.m. today at Capitol Hill Hospital, B-level auditorium, 700 Constitution Ave. NE., to discuss bylaw amendments, a pay increase for the ANC secretary and a request by Elizabeth Evans to the BZA to operate a three-unit apartment house at 902 12th St. NE. 7E MARSHALL HEIGHTS-CAPITOL VIEW

ANC 7E will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Jones Memorial Church, 4625 George St. SE, to hear the following presentations:

By a representative of the Church Association for Community Services on different measures to combat illegal drugs in the neighborhood.

By Yetta Galiber, executive director of the private Information Protection Advocacy Center for Handicapped Individuals, about its annual program that helps handicapped children purchase holiday gifts. 7F FORT CHAPLIN-BENNING HEIGHTS

ANC 7F is planning a forum for D.C. Board of Education and ANC 7F commissioner candidates at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at Benning Stoddert Recreation Center, 3900 East Capitol St. SE. Candidates interested in participating are asked to contact the ANC office at 584-4979.

The ANC also is looking for vendors, artists, bands and others interested in participating in the 11th annual Community Awareness Day Oct. 27 at Fort Chaplin Park on Texas Avenue SE.