The following were among actions taken by the Alexandria City Council at it Sept. 25 meeting. For further information, call 838-4300.

HOUSING REPORT ON RACIAL BIAS -- A report by the landlord-tenant relations division of the city housing office found that 15 percent of 79 Alexandria apartment complexes surveyed showed bias against minorities.

Officials said the five-month undercover study in which white, black and Hispanic investigators posed as apartment seekers, showed that white investigators received preferential treatment from agents for some properties. In some cases, white investigators were offered better units and lower rents than minority participants.

As a result of the inquiry, the city has filed a complaint with the local Office on Human Rights against an unidentified apartment complex. City officials said they are speaking to the managers and owners of the other comlexes cited in the report.

VIRGINIA POWER RATE INCREASE OPPOSED -- The council voted to oppose Virginia Power's proposed 4.86 percent rate increase, which would raise the average monthly bill of residential customers from $76.60 to $82.51. Several council members said they thought the power company was trying to pass on to consumers too much of the company's rising costs.

The company's rate increase proposal would boost the city's costs for electrical service by $96,000 over the next fiscal year.

POTOMAC YARD RESOLUTION TABLED -- The council delayed action on a resolution concerning the Virginia State Retirement System's proposal to purchase a majority of stock in the RF & P railroad, which would result in the ownership of 320 acres at Potomac Yard, the large undeveloped tract of land at the north end of the city.

The council, which must approve the zoning and density of the project, foresees public opposition to possible massive development of the site and the increased traffic it might bring. The resolution, proposed by Vice Mayor Patsy S. Ticer (D), would serve as a warning to VRS that the council will listen to residents and that it might approve a lower density development than proposed. VRS's purchase of the property could hinge on how fully the site can be developed and thus how profitable it is.

A vote on the resolution was delayed until after an Oct. 9 council work session with VRS officials to further discuss the proposed development and community opposition.

APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS -- The council appointed the following people to city boards, committees and commissions: Elizabeth Coughlin as Northern Virginia Community College representative to the Alexandria Cable Television Advisory Commission; Daniel Spiker, to represent the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on the Alexandria Early Childhood Development Commission; Edmond Newbould to the Law Library Board; and Susan Brooks, Dale Brown, David Colton, Harlan Forbes Jr. and Linda Whitton to the Sister Cities Committee.