The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's Committee of the Whole meeting of the Prince George's County Council. Public hearings have not yet been scheduled on the following issues.

SIGNS -- The council gave preliminary approval to legislation introduced by council member Frank Casula allowing some institutions such as churches, libraries, schools and community centers to hang freestanding signs and an attached sign on the front of their property instead of one attached sign per property front as current law allows. Passage of the legislation would not affect the maximum size allowed (48 square feet; not taller than eight feet), and such signs would continue to be required to be placed at least 15 feet from any adjoining residential property.

SATELLITE DISHES -- Council members gave preliminary approval to legislation that would allow satellite dish antennas on flat roofs at businesses, which currently are not allowed, and to allow businesses to erect more than one satellite dish antenna per building in order to receive radio signals as well as television signals. Currently, businesses are allowed only one satellite dish antenna per building.

SCHOOL PROJECTS -- At the request of the county executive, a bill was introduced to allocate upto $26.7 million to finance more than a dozen capital improvement projects slated for county schools over the next five years. The projects and the funding for them were approved by the council last spring as part of the school system's fiscal 1991 budget but a separate action is necessary to authorize the county to issue municipal bonds to finance the projects.

The projects include renovating Frederick Douglas High School in Upper Marlboro and Greenbelt Center School in Greenbelt; replacing buried fuel tanks owned by the school system; improving the central warehouse facility, the main garage and bus lots; and general updating to bring all county schools in compliance with the county building code.

DEVELOPMENT -- The council gave preliminary approval to a development plan for the proposed 82.5 acre Westview residential development south of Annapolis Road in Bowie. The developers, Ryland Homes, Long Signature Homes and Fairfield Homes, are prposing to build 130 detached single-family homes with a minimum floor area of 1,900 square feet. Mimimum sale price of the homes would be $185,000.

BROCK HILLS -- The council gave preliminary approval to allocating water and sewer service to the proposed Brock Hills development in Upper Marlboro. The proposal calls for 120 detached single-family homes with a minimum sales price of $175,000 to be built on 77 acres by JHP Development Co.