The following was among actions taken at the Sept. 27 meeting of the Prince George's County Board of Education. For more information, call 952-6115.

NEW COURSES -- The school board unanimously approved several new courses for the 1991-92 academic year, including a conflict-resolution social studies class at Charles Carroll Middle School in Lanham that will address social issues facing school-aged children such as peer pressure and illegal drug use. Revised instrumental music classes and new space science courses also were approved for high school students. In addition, a drug-abuse prevention booklet will be studied by the school system's fifth graders.

POM POM SQUAD -- The board approved a trip by the Eleanor Roosevelt Pom Pom Squad and Drum Line to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform a stage show on April 3. The 37-member squad was invited after Walt Disney World Co. officials reviewed a squad performance videotape. The squad plans to finance the four-day trip through fundraisers.

ENDING HUNGER MONTH -- A resolution was passed by the board declaring the month of October as Ending Hunger Month. The resolution requires all secondary students to be instructed during the month on worldwide hunger problems through the use of videotapes and other educational materials.