The following were among actions taken at the Sept. 25 meeting of the Loudoun County School Board. For more information, call 771-6410.

1990-91 OBJECTIVES -- The School Board updated and adopted its annual list of educational and administrative objectives for the current school year. The objectives suggested by school administrators and staff include the following:

Teacher coaching: Introduce a peer coaching system, in which teachers observe each other at work and offer suggestions, in as many schools as possible. Teacher participation would be voluntary.

At-risk students: Pay greater attention to assessing, reporting and furthering the progress of children identified by teachers and principals as at risk of failing or dropping out of school.

Instructional program, grades K-5: Review the elementary curriculum for possible changes, including changes in the amount of time spent teaching each subject.

Standardized testing: Review current standardized tests being used in all grades, with an eye on the possibility of changing the frequency of testing and the ways test results are used. Smaller schools: Study the operation of smaller schools with fewer than 200 students in order to determine how to run them in a more cost-efficient manner. A 1981 study found that the system spends about $1,000 more per pupil at the smaller schools than at larger ones.

Career development: Continue to examine old and new ways to support and guide teachers toward their best possible career path.