The Vienna Town Council voted to increase the town's special bulk trash pickup fee from $40 to $50 per load.

Town Manager John H. Schoeberlein said the increase for private residences will allow Vienna to "recover the majority of our {disposal} costs."

Special pickups are for the disposal of bulky items, such as furniture, appliances and brush, or things difficult to dispose of, such as paint cans.

Vienna's disposal costs are higher this year because of increased landfill fees charged by Fairfax County, where the town dumps its trash near Lorton.

Fairfax county has raised its disposal charge from $24 to $43 per ton of trash.

Raising the pickup fee to more than $50 per load might cause some people to illegally dispose of waste material, the town manager said.

The town currently offers two free special pickups annually per household.

Residents must pay for additional special pickups.

This year, special pickup requests have increased 65 percent over the same period in 1989.

Fuel tanks and paint cans are difficult for the town to dispose of. Tires mounted on rims also are a problem because Vienna must remove the tires from the rims before disposal.

Some homeowners who have work done by private contractors ask the town to haul away building materials or tree trunks as special pickups rather than pay the contractor to remove them. Building waste "weighs a lot and is very costly for the town," said Schoeberlein.

Contractors should be responsible for the removal of these items, said former mayor Jim Martinelli, who spoke at last week's public hearing.

"One of the biggest problems we have in this town is the amount of trash we generate," said Martinelli. "Building materials should not be included as part of the special pickups."

Council member Martha H. Pruett said some residents who are having work done on their homes ask their neighbors to use their special pickups to avoid paying a contractor to haul away building debris.

Pruett suggested that Vienna charge $50 for picking up all building waste materials. The town also should attempt to recycle and sell waste scrap metal, such as old appliances, she said. The council plans to discuss changes in special pickups at a future work session.

Council member Rodger W. Seeman said that decreasing the availability of the special pickups would constitute a reduction in town services, especially for people who do their own home repairs and improvements.

"We need to take a hard look if we've gone in the right direction," said Seeman, who suggested reevaluating the "Spring/Fall Cleanup" schedule of semiannual pickups.

The town could not accommodate the large volume of brush disposal if pickups were only scheduled twice a year, said the town manager.