The latest in a wave of home invasion robberies that have plagued the region's Asian community ended yesterday when a gunman exchanged shots with police and then surrendered after a tense, five-hour standoff at a Falls Church shopping center.

Police said the incident began Friday night, when gunmen burst into the home of an Asian family in McLean, stayed there through the night and later abducted a male member of the family who had keys to a jewelry store in the Eden Center shopping complex.

After police interrupted their apparent attempt to rob the jewelry store, one of the gunmen fled into a nearby Vietnamese restaurant, seizing five hostages.

All but one of the hostages were released minutes later, about 10 a.m., Fairfax police Capt. David Franklin said.

After frequent telephone discussions with police negotiators, the gunman -- who was wounded in a gun battle moments after police arrived -- released his last hostage, described as a manager of the restaurant, and surrendered about 3 p.m.

During the standoff, dozens of Fairfax and Falls Church officers surrounded the restaurant while hundreds of would-be shoppers stood behind police tape and looked on. Only the gunman was wounded, police said.

A second suspect was arrested just before the gunfire broke out and moments after police arrived, authorities said, and police are believed to be searching for other suspects.

None of the suspects was identified by police.

"They apparently came here to rob the jewelry store," Franklin said.

In several other incidents during the past year, robbers, often young Vietnamese gang members, have forced their way into the homes of Asian residents.

In most cases, the robbers tied family members up and threaten or beat them until cash, jewelry and other valuables were relinquished.

The arrested suspects, both described as Asian and in their twenties or thirties, had abducted a male member of an Asian family in McLean who had the keys to the Bach Tuyet jewelry store in Eden Center, a complex on Wilson Boulevard that has become a cultural shopping center for Asian residents throughout the region.

Franklin said the incident began about 9:30 p.m. Friday, when several armed men burst into the family's home.

The family members were held captive overnight, authorities said, until at least two of the gunmen left the home yesterday morning with the male family member who had keys to the jewelry store. Police said some items were taken from the home, but would not specify.

Police would not release the family's identity or its connection to the store, but did say that none of the family members appeared to be seriously injured during their captivity. While the suspects drove the man to the jewelry store, the family called the police. When police arrived at the Eden Center, they saw two suspects and the man in the jewelry store, and ordered the suspects to surrender, authorities said.

Some shoppers also reported seeing at least two other men flee the scene in a white car as police arrived.

"I was here when the police came," said Michael Chi, of Alexandria. "{The police} did not say it was the gangs, but we know. Everyone's afraid of the gangs."

Franklin said that one of the suspects ran out of the store and tried to escape, but was arrested. The other suspect came out of store and began firing at police, who returned fire and "grazed" him, Franklin said.

While his captive ran to safety, the wounded suspect ran down an enclosed walkway into the Sang Kee Peking Duck restaurant, where he took five people hostage, police sources said.

Franklin said the wounded gunman, who was being treated last night at Fairfax Hospital, made no particular demands during the negotiations.

"He was mainly concerned about his safety," Franklin said. "It was a situation where he'd been caught red-handed, and he finally just wanted out."

Franklin said both suspects are charged with burglary, abduction, robbery and unauthorized use of a firearm, and he said more charges are likely. The suspect who was not wounded was being held last night at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.