Utah Governor

Scott Matheson, 61, a Salt Lake City lawyer and Democrat who served as governor of Utah from 1977 to 1985, died of cancer Oct. 7 at a hospital in Salt Lake City.

As governor, he successfully opposed placement of the MX missile system in the state's western desert and fought to continue funding of the massive central Utah water control project. He won praise for his action when parts of the state were devastated by flooding in 1983.

Gov. Matheson, a former counsel for Union Pacific Railroad, was a political unknown when he defeated former Republican state attorney general Vernon Romney for governor in 1976. He won reelection in 1980 over former GOP state chairman Robert Wright, and did not run for a third term in 1984. He was appointed chairman of the Democratic National Policy Council in 1985.


Laboratory Owner

John D. Betz, 72, who built Betz Laboratories Inc. into a leader in the wastewater treatment industry and owned a share of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, died of cancer Oct. 6 at his home in Gwynned, Pa.

A former president and chief executive officer, he was named chairman emeritus of Betz labs in 1975. The company, based in Trevose, Pa., just north of Philadelphia, provides wastewater treatment for petrochemical refineries, steel mills and paper mills.

In 1981, Mr. Betz and five partners purchased the Phillies for $30.18 million. Mr. Betz said at the time he bought the club because his wife, Claire, loved baseball.