Prince William County

The following were among actions taken at the Oct. 2 meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. For more information, call 335-6600.

MILITARY RESERVES -- The board agreed to continue providing health and life insurance coverage for 33 county employees if they, as members of the military reserves, are called to duty in the Persian Gulf.

However, the county did not choose to continue paying the regular salaries of the reservists if they are called to duty.

So far, President George Bush has called over 49,700 military reserve and National Guard members to serve in the conflict ignited by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

For the rest of the county's current fiscal year ending June 30, health and life insurance payments for the reservists will cost the county $54,893, said County Personnel Director Cleil W. Fitzwater.

POOL HALLS -- The board, responding to requests by several residents, amended a county ordinance regulating pool halls to allow minors to enter the halls if they are escorted by a parent or legal guardian who is 21 or older.

Previously, minors -- children under 18 years of age -- could not enter billiard rooms. Military personnel were exempted from that restriction.

ZONING -- The following requests were approved by the board:

GABE COURT AND BALLS FORD ROAD -- By Educational Gymnastics for a special-use permit to operate a gymnastics center in a general business zone. 6 to 0. Brentsville District.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY AND OPITZ BOULEVARD -- By Taco Bell Restaurant for a special-use permit to operate a fast-food restaurant with a drive-in window in a general business zone. 6 to 0. Woodbridge District.

LINTON HALL AND DEVLIN ROADS -- By Richmarr Construction Corp. to rezone 19 acres from residential town house and suburban residential to agricultural. The 19 acres is surrounded by property also zoned agricultural. Richmarr plans to transfer the property to the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia Inc. for the Linton Hall Military Academy. 6 to 0. Brentsville District.

LINTON HALL ROAD AND LEE HIGHWAY -- By Providence Savings & Loan Association for a special-use permit to operate a financial institution in a Highway Corridor Overlay District, where commercial development is restricted. 6 to 0. Gainesville District.

MINNIEVILLE RAOD AND CARDINAL DRIVE -- By Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative for a special-use permit to install and operate a 160-foot microwave tower in an agricultural zone. 6 to 0. Coles District.

SUDLEY AND BALLS FORD ROADS -- By Mobil Oil Corp. for a special-use permit to operate a gas station with a convenience store and car wash. 6 to 0. Brentsville District.

SUDLEY ROAD AND FEATHERBED LANE -- By William Hutchinson for Sudley United Methodist Church for a special-use permit to expand the church's classroom and office space and cemetery. 6 to 0. Gainesville District.

Town of Dumfries

The following were among actions taken at the Oct. 2 meeting of the Dumfries Town Council. For more information, call 221-4133.

OLD TOWN HALL -- The Town Council directed town staff to get bids on the cost of renovating the exterior of the old Town Hall, at 103 South Main St. The 1920s wood-frame building, which now houses the Dumfries Police Department, is in need of both interior and exterior repairs and is currently closed to the public.

In addition to inadequate heating and air conditioning, the building has no fire escapes and is not accessible to the physically handicapped.

Town staff is currently drawing up plans for refurbishing the interior of the building, during which time the police department may be moved into the new Town Hall, constructed in the early 1960s.

The staff is developing optional plans for moving the council chambers or town administrative offices back into the Old Town Hall from new Town Hall. The permanent location of the police department has not been decided.

Town officials said they would like to complete renovation of the exterior of the building before the cold weather sets in. Town Manager Tom Harris said preliminary interior plans will be presented to the council at its Oct. 30 work session.

Town officials do not yet have cost estimates on either the exterior or interior renovations.

The council's decision to proceed with the building's renovation was spurred by the recent review of the town police department by the state Criminal Justice Services Department. The review was requested by the town to help study the problems of the 10-member police department after a year in which half the force, including the police chief, resigned in part over disgruntlement with working conditions.

One of the top recommendations was to move the police force out of the old Town Hall, where it is located on the second floor.

"The demoralizing effect this facility has on the department cannot be measured, however, the possible civil liabilities for the town should fire or other tragedy occur would be devastating," the state report said.

BUDGET PRIORITIES -- Town Manager Tom Harris said that, in light of the slump in the regional economy and pending cuts in state funding to localities, the council needs to review the town's funding priorities and to ensure that its top funding priorities, such as police department needs, are going to be met, Harris said on Wednesday.

Gov. L. Douglas Wilder has proposed cutting funding to the localites to offset an anticipated $1.4 billion budget deficit over the next two years.

While proposed state cuts to Dumfries would be "marginal," probable dips in other areas, such as sales tax revenues, mean that the town needs to be more conservative in its spending, Harris said on Wednesday. The town's budget for fiscal 1991, which began July 1, is about $1.1 million.

The town police department would be most affected by the proposed state cuts, receiving about $4,000 less over the next two years than anticipated. The town had expected to receive about $67,700 from the state for the police department's $417,500 fiscal 1991 budget.

COMMUNITY CENTER -- The council voted to support and to make in-kind contributions, such as clerical support, to the Dumfries Magesterial Civic Association in its preliminary efforts to develop a community and recreation center in or near the town.

Over the summer, the association began planning the community center and established a Community Task Force to mobilize support and prepare fundraising plans for the center, according to Task Force Chairman Frank Lasch.

"Right now we're just in the planning stages," said Lasch. He said it may take three to four years of planning and fundraising before the center becomes a reality.

Councilman Edward Graham said the council felt that, in the long run, the town's in-kind contributions would be of more value to the association than a monetary contribution.

ZONING ACTIONS -- The council approved the following requests:

ROUTE 234 AND ROUTE 1 -- By Taco Bell site plan to build a fast-food restaurant on 42,504 square feet. 6 to 0.

POSSUM POINT ROAD IN THE ROSE HILL AREA -- By the Anden Group to subdivide a 37 acres into separate lots to construct 41 single-family houses. 5 to 1.