After so many months preparing his position on abortion, Gov. Schaefer should have provided a clear, comprehensive and consistent position on the issue -- certainly in the political arena. Instead, we were treated to political grandstanding and another guessing game as to where the governor stands on this complex question {"Schaefer Backs Right to Abortion," news story, Sept. 22}.

After many months, Gov. Schaefer told us that he will veto restrictions on the killing of the unborn; but the legislature won't pass any bills restricting abortion in the forseeable future. He went on to say he does not approve of abortion after such time as a baby can live outside the womb. Does this mean he would veto a bill like the one that was filibustered earlier this year that provided for unrestricted abortion even after the point of viability?

After many months we are told that the governor doesn't know if he would require parental notification before a dependent minor can undergo surgery for abortion. This is an extremely important aspect of the abortion question, because it determines whether the abortion promoters or parents are in charge of their children. Parental involvement in a teenager's decision is favored by an overwhelming majority of Marylanders.

After all these months, the governor of Maryland should have said something germane and understandable about his position on abortion. JOHN NAUGHTON Chairman, Right to Life of Montgomery County Inc. Rockville