A Stafford County man charged with slaying a 15-year-old Woodbridge youth on Father's Day has said that he killed the youth and two other people, according to records filed yesterday in Prince William County Circuit Court.

The documents say Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert will introduce evidence at the trial of Michael Carl George, 33, of Hartwood, to show that he made statements indicating that he killed Potomac High School student Alexander Sztanko and Larry Perry, 8, of Dumfries.

"He has admitted to the deaths of three people: One is Alex Sztanko, one is Larry Perry, and I am not going to comment on the third person," Ebert said. He refused to say whether police know who the third alleged victim is.

Ebert would not say when or to whom George made the statements.

A county source said George described how he killed the third person but did not name his victim. Two other sources said police believe the victim was a boy.

Prince William police have attempted to match the circumstances George described to unsolved local killings, but so far have been unsuccessful, the county source said. Neither Prince William nor neighboring Stafford County has any unsolved slayings of young boys on their records, sources said.

George said he picked up the third victim at a McDonald's restaurant in the Lake Ridge area of Woodbridge, a killing he said occurred within the past 10 years, one source said. The source said police also are checking unsolved slayings in Oklahoma City, where George has spent time.

Ebert said the state will seek the death penalty in the Sztanko case.

Defense attorney Len Farris, one of two lawyers representing George, said he first heard of the alleged statements when the documents were filed late yesterday afternoon.

"This third victim comes as a complete surprise," said Farris.

Sztanko was found shot to death in a utility right-of-way used as a playground about 24 hours after he left his former home on Cardinal Drive in Woodbridge to ride a dirt bike. He was found shirtless and shoeless by Prince William County police, who conducted a massive search of the area known as the "power lines" after Sztanko's parents reported him missing about midnight June 17. Court records indicate he may have been tortured with an electronic stun gun.

Perry, whose body has never been found, was last seen talking to George near the "power lines" on May 22, 1979. George served 2 1/2 years in prison on a manslaughter charge after he said he was involved in the case more than three years after the child's death.

While he has steadfastly denied to police that he killed Perry, he said he buried the boy's body after the child accidentally shot himself while they were target shooting. He said he buried the body because he felt no one would believe the child caused his own death, court records show.

The documents filed yesterday were requested by Farris and defense co-counsel Don Coulter. It is standard procedure in cases for defense attorneys to request the prosecution's evidence in order to prepare a defense.

The records say that the prosecution will introduce evidence that George "attempted to solicit a young man to allow the defendant to perform oral sodomy upon the young man," and that he "had a history of cruelty to animals, maintained pictures of young boys in his room, photographed a young boy he did not know while he was playing, and wrote a story of a boy being pursued in the woods by someone or something."

George is under investigation in Stafford County in several incidents in which teenage youths were abducted by a "Rambo-like" character dressed in camouflage and taken into woods and made to lie down before they were handcuffed, Stafford police said.

When George was arrested in the Sztanko case, shortly after he was found crouching in the wooded area along Cardinal Drive, he was dressed in camouflage and wore black leather gloves. He told police he was there to hunt turkey.

In searches of George's car and room at his parents' home on Burton Loop in Stafford, police said they found handcuffs, a stun gun, two machetes and a handgun.