Neal Potter claims he is for no growth, but he is the man who lobbied long and hard for the sewer treatment plant located in Potomac (sewer capacity is directly linked to growth).

Mr. Potter says he is for no growth, but is quoted as wanting to double the residential population without providing any of the commercial, employment or recreational amenities to balance this doubling. Most, if not all, of the quality amenities -- malls, employment, hospitals, fine restaurants, theaters, health clubs, country clubs, private schools, specialty stores, indoor swimming facilities, equestrian activities, ice skating -- are located in the western part of the county. The eastern part of the county lacks these amenities for many reasons, including archaic master plans and a noisy minority of citizens who want to live in the past. These people drive to the western part of the county -- Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase and Gaithersburg -- for their needs. This lack of balanced development in the eastern county leads to an increase of crime and violence along with traffic and road problems.

We need to demand change. No-growth policies will lead to increased taxes and a devastating deterioration of all services in the county for years to come. More development ensures a bigger tax base and less chance of our taxes increasing. New commercial and housing construction creates an additional tax base that not only pays for all the costs of new services and the infrastructure required to service this new construction, but it also returns a surplus of monies to the community.

Sidney Kramer is the only real choice to guide our county through this perilous time. He is the most competent and experienced person we have available for county executive. He needs our support and input, not our suspicions and criticism. Wake up, silent majority: the noisy, backward minority has ruled this county for too long.

If we are to save our county from gridlock, deteriorating services and exorbitant tax increases, we must write in the name Sidney Kramer in November.

GWEN HARRELL SWINBURNE Bethesda The writer is a member of Citizens to Write-in Sid Kramer