Old gas refrigerators sometimes used in hunting cabins, vacation cottages and other remote areas are being recalled because they have killed at least 14 people in the United States by carbon monoxide poisoning in the last decade, the government said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it has arranged for consumers to receive $100 in exchange for the Servel refrigerators, which were manufactured between 1933 and 1957 by a company no longer in business.

The commission said burners can be fouled by dust or rust and produce carbon monoxide, especially if the refrigerator has not been used for some time.

Owners of gas refrigerators may get information on the recall at 1-800-782-7431.

Faulty Lawn Mowers Briggs & Stratton Corp. has recalled 850,000 lawn mowers of more than 100 brands after eight fires due to leaky fuel tanks were reported, the company said.

Spokesman George R. Thompson said the Milwaukee-based company would exchange fuel tanks on all mowers with Quantum Power engines sold after July 1, 1989.

Walk-behind lawn mowers sold by Sears, Snapper and Toro used the defective fuel tanks, which carry serial numbers beginning with "12" stamped on a metal plate just above the spark plug, Thompson said.

The company will check and repair the mowers through its dealer service organization.

Even customers with tanks that aren't leaking should make an appointment to have the gas tank checked and replaced, Thompson said.

He said customers needing more information should call Briggs & Stratton at 1-800-328-4457.