The Berwyn Heights Town Council at its Oct. 10 meeting signed an agreement to share ownership with its neighboring City of College Park of a planned Metro pedestrian overpass on Berwyn Road that is to cross over the Metro Green Line subway tracks between Berwyn Heights and College Park. The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority is to build the walkway when the subway line is complete and turn it over to the two cities to own and maintain.


The College Park City Council, at its Oct. 9 meeting, introduced legislation giving the city's Director of Administration and Finance authority to write off debts to the city under $100 that are over one year old and deemed uncollectible. Council members said the uncollected small debts, mostly from parking tickets, were encumbering the city's bookkeeping system. According to the bill, debts higher than $100 could also be written off, but would require the approval of the city administrator.


The Colmar Manor Town Council at its Oct. 9 meeting agreed to join the Prince George's County voluntary recycling program beginning Jan. 1. County refuse collectors will pick up recyclable materials such as glass, plastic and newspapers from Colmar Manor housholds. Council members expect to issue a pickup schedule next month.

In other news, Colmar Manor has contracted with Prince George's County to provide seven part-time police officers to patrol the town, which currently has no police force. Town officials have allocated $60,000 to pay the officer's salaries through the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in July. They have also agreed to reimburse the county for use of its police cars at a rate of 32 cents a mile. The contract is renewable annually.


The Edmonston Town Council at its Oct. 8 meeting authorized spending $8,000 to purchase a 50-foot modular trailer to house its six-member police force, which is currently operating out of one room in Town Hall. Council members must now obtain water and sewer permits and do not expect to place the trailer on its permanent foundation adjacent to Town Hall before the end of the year. Last May, town residents approved a referendum to spend $150,000 to build a one-story police building, but council members, citing concerns about the economy, opted for a more modest plan.


Volunteers planted 250 trees Oct. 13 on a two-acre site in the Calvert Road Community Park on Kenilworth Avenue as part of Riverdale's reforestation effort. The tree planting was sponsored by the county, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

In other news, Riverdale will begin in November recycling heavy appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, dish washers, stoves and ovens. The items will be picked up on the third Wednesday of each month and sold to a scrap dealer who shreds and recycles the metal. The revenue will go into the town treasury and officials expect to save money by no longer hauling large items to county landfills.