The emergent write-in campaign for Sid Kramer has flushed out a fundamental inconsistency in the behavior of some Democratic Party environmental and civic activists.

Many of these activists are my friends and colleagues and supported my recent candidacy for elective public office. They also supported Neal Potter for county executive and Judy Toth for county council from District 2. Following Judy Toth's loss to Vickie York in the primary election, some of these activists, Democrats all, have indicated that they plan to support the Republican candidate from District 2, Nancy Dacek. In contrast, I have been urging these activists to support Vickie York, the choice of Democratic Party voters and the party nominee from District 2. She deserves no less.

After all, Vickie York beat Judy Toth "fair and square" in the primary. Democrats should unite behind Vickie York's candidacy and not give comfort to the opposition camp; but my community activist friends will have none of it.

Yet, as soon as the write-in campaign for Sid Kramer was announced, there was an immediate uproar from these activists about Neal Potter having beaten Sid Kramer "fair and square" in the primary and that Democrats should unite behind him.

Well, we should unite behind Vickie York too.

We've squabbled "fair and square," now let's reunite our family and support Vickie York for Democratic county council member. After all, fair is fair.